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Soil amendments are important for the health of any growing space, be it yard, garden, or pasture. Here at the CO-OP we understand that what we put into the soil determines the quality of grass or food produced.

For our organic products we have Dr. Earth, Lilly Miller, Whitney Farms, Safer, Lumin, and Earth Juice brands - all OMRI approved.
In addition, we carry nature's Intent / Pacific Calcium products for larger applications.

Soils must be considered as a living system - an interface between soil biology, chemistry, and physics. Healthy soils have billions of microbes per tablespoon. Calcium is the predominate nutrient (ion ~ atom) in soil chemistry. Manage the soil's chemistry and physics, and the biology naturally follows. (Nature's Intent)


Organic Fertilizers from Nature's Intent available at the CO-OP

7 - 2 - 4    All Purpose - Just what it says. Good for yard, garden, and pasture
Granulated Gypsum -
Fish Bone Meal - used primarily for phosphorus
Cal-Pril - for calcium
Rock Phosphate

Organic Soil Amendments available in smaller boxes ( about 4 Lb.)

Blood Meal - Primarily a high nitrogen amendment
Bone Meal - Primarily for phosphorus
Bat Guano
Alfalfa Meal

Fertilizers available in 50 lb. bags

Elemental Sulfur
Azomite (Granular)
Borated Gypsum
Dolomite Lime