Propane Bottles & Fills

Our own propane company, Co-op Energy, keeps a 30,000 gallon propane station on the premises. This tank allows us to store sufficient gas to meet the needs of our route customers as well as accomplish small tank fills for those with a camper and a barbecue ready to head down the road.

If you need a small tank filled, come to the CO-OP for the best price and great service!

**Be advised: All small tanks must meet safety guidelines. They must have been manufactured within the last 12 years. They cannot have excessive rust present. CO-OP employees are not allowed to unload empty tanks or load filled tanks.
For larger, home fills go to Co-Op Energy

We also sell small tanks:

  • • 2 Gallon  14.51 Lbs
  • • 5 Gallon / 20#      
  • • 7.5 Gallon / 30#    
  • •  10 Gallon / 40#
  • • 25 Gallon / 100#      

 Call the CO-OP @ 263.6820 for current pricing.