Pharmaceuticals – Pet

Welcome to the Pet Pharmaceuticals page.

Our pets are very special to us- some are even referred to as “our children.”
Because our pets are part of our family we take very good care of them. And part of taking care of them is making sure they are up on their vaccinations, and overall health check ups. For this reason the CO-OP strongly recommends that rural families with pets and/or large animals develop a strong relationship with a local veterinarian. It is important to have this connection in place when the inevitable happens. An accident. An illness. Be prepared. If you need help locating a vet, the CO-OP can recommend several. Please call us at 263.6820 and just ask.



The CO-OP is well stocked with pet care products as well as some vaccines. But we do not carry anything that must be prescribed by a vet. This is for the safety of your pet. Nor do we allow our employees to administer shots of any kind to your pet.

In addition to supplements, shampoos and conditioners, flea & tick control products, and wormer we also carry:

Puppy 5-Way       Kitten 3-Way        Dog 7-Way
Kennel-Jec 2      Feline 1-HCPCh  (+FeLV)

These are all kept in a cooler. Ask for assistance when you come in to the store.