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Our “pets” come in different sizes and shapes. Dogs, cats, horses, bunnies…..these are the norm. But what about the pets we care for that are never closer to us than a few feet? Deer, squirrels, birds, butterflies, wild ducks and geese…..wildlife! Here at the CO-OP we are rural life veterans and we know how quickly pets of all kinds can impact our lives. That’s why we accommodate pet lovers of all kinds with products to make the whole experience deeper and richer.

adam & gary blk and whtDoe and fawnSquirrel

New February Special from Nutro Dog Food!

Greenies Feb 2016



In the livestock department you will find food for deer, birds, and squirrels! We also have large, glass & metal bird baths in stock!

Whole Corn
Cracked Corn

Buck & Doe Block
Salt & Mineral Blocks
Bulk Bird Seed
Bird Seed and Suet        Bird feeders & Suet Holders
Whole Corn-on-the-cob for  squirrels
Bird Baths
Shepherd Hook Feeder Hangers
Hummingbird Feeders – Hummingbird Food