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Although the CO-OP carries many brands of feed, Elenbaas has shown consistency both in quality and customer satisfaction time after time. We are proud to feature Elenbaas as our primary feed. If you are not yet an Elenbaas  customer, come in to the CO-OP and compare prices and quality. We believe Elenbaas to be an excellent all around feed choice with a product that is just right for your livestock needs.

(call for pricing and availability 263.6820)

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Elenbaas Feeds:

Swine (50 lb. Bags):

  • Pro Show Hog Starter 
  • Pro Show Hog Grower 
  • Lean Hog 16% Grower/Finisher  

Dairy (50 lb. Bags):

  • Dairy Cow 16% (Special Order) 
  • Dairy Goat  

Poultry (50 lb. Bags):

  • Chick Starter 
  • Layer Crumble/Pellet 
  • Poultry Grower/Finisher
  • All Purpose Poultry Crumble/Pellet  

Sheep (50 lb. Bags): 

  • Pro Show Lamb (Seasonal) 
  • Sheep Mineral

Beef (50 lb. Bags):

  • Pro Show Beef Finisher 
  • Beef Mineral 

Rabbit (50 lb. Bags): 

  • Rabbit 16%  

Milk Re-placer (50 lb. Bags):

  • Elenbaas Milk Re-placer 20/20  

COB (Corn, Oats, and Barley) (50 lb. Bags): 

  • Elenbaas Rolled Wet (with molasses)
  • Elenbaas Rolled Dry (without molasses)


Did you know that The Co-Op has a Frequent Buyer Program for Elenbaas Formulated Feeds? Ask your cashier how you can get signed up today!



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CHS Feeds

Swine (50 lb. Bags):

  • Champion Hog- Non Medicated   
  • Swine Breeder Complete 

Dairy (50 lb. Bags):

  • PNW Ultramin 12-6 Mineral  
  • PNW Ultramin 12-12 Mineral 

Poultry (50 lb. Bags):

  • Fryer Ration 
  • Scratch Grains 
  • Hatch to Hen  
  • Layer Pellet/Crumble
  • Gamebird Maintainer 
  • Turkey Starter 
  • Turkey Grower 
  • Turkey Finisher 

Sheep (50 lb. Bags):

  • Lamb Creep (Seasonal)
  • Champion Lamb Texture (Seasonal) 
  • Champion Lamb Pellet (Seasonal)

Beef (50 lb. Bags):

  • Champion Steer Texture (Special Order Only) 

Goat (50 lb. Bags):

  • Goat Tender 

Rabbit (50 lb. Bags):

  • Rabbit 18% 

Forages (50 lb. Bags):

  • Alfalfa Pellets  
  • Organic Alfalfa Pellets (Special Order Only) 
  • Beet Pulp Pellets

 Specialty Feeds (50 lb. Bags):

  • Deer Pellets 
  • Ratite Pellets   

For Equine, we are proud to carry LMF and Equis (CHS) feeds.

LMF Logo Equis Logo

LMF Feeds: 50 lb. Bags 

  • LMF Low Carb Complete 
  • LMF Low Carb Stage 1 
  • LMF Low Carb Senior 
  • LMF Development A or G 
  • LMF Super Supplement A or G 
  • LMF Gentle Balance 
  • LMF Gold 
  • LMF Prime Time A or G 
  • LMF Senior 
  • LMF Showtime A or G 
  • LMF TACO (Small or Large Pellet)

LMF Alpaca Feeds (50 lb. Bags):

  • Alpaca Reduced Calorie 
  • Alpaca Developer 

Equis Feeds (50 lb. Bags):

  • Equis Golden Senior 
  • Equis Element 
  • Equis Teff Natural 
  • Equis Ultramin (Mineral) 25 lb. Bag  
  • Rice Bran Pellets 


Below is a list of our general feed, feed blend options, and some of the other great brands we carry here at the store. If you have any questions please call The Co-Op at 263.6820

Palouse Feed (50 lb. Bags):

  • Pig Starter 18% Non Medicated 
  • Pig Show & Grow 
  • Pig Finisher 
  • Rolled Dry (COB)

Forage Products (40 lb. Bags):

  • Standlee Alfalfa Cubes 
  • Standlee Alfalfa/Timothy Pellets 
  • Orchard Grass Pellets 
  • Chaffhaye Premium Silage

Grains (50 lb. Bags):

  • Barley (Whole and Rolled)
  • Corn (Whole, Rolled, and Cracked)
  • Oats (Rolled and Whole
  • Pea Pellets 
  • Wheat (Whole)
  • Wheat Bran

Misc. Feeds:

  • Molasses Liquid 2.5 Gallon
  • Flax Seed 50 lb. Bag 
  • Mazuri Guniea Pig Diet 25. lb Bag
  • Mazuri Mini Pig Youth and Elder Diet 25 lb. Bags
  • Soybean Meal 50 lb. Bag 
  • Aquamax 500 or 600 Fish Pellets

Special Order Feeds:

  • Organic Cracked Corn 
  • Pro Show Steer w/ Rumensin
  • Dried Molasses
  • Equis Daily 35
  • Rogue Organic Soy-Free Layer Pellet

If you are interested in ordering any of the special order feeds, or just have questions please contact Nancy for details. 208.236.6820