Here are some great links to the Bonner County Public Works Noxious Weed Control with information on Sprayer Rentals, Calibrations, and Control Methods. With summer fast approaching and the weeds starting to take over might be a good time to take a look and see what is going to help you get rid of whatever weed you have! 

Sprayer Rentals:


Control Methods:

Safety is IMPORTANT when setting up an electric fence. Whether you are an old hand or a tenderfoot, it pays to understand electricity and not take it for granted.

Here are a couple of links we believe will be helpful to all electric fence setters. Take a look!
This first one deals with Mistakes to Avoid With Electric Fencing

This second article points out What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You!

Off Grid Refrigeration

Zeer pot 1  zeer pot 2  zeer pot

Here is a pretty cool link for Off Grid Refrigeration. This would not be very practical out hiking, but here in the north where summer storm power outages CAN happen, this is an easy and inexpensive alternative to losing fresh food or medications. Let us know what you think!

How to Eat Better

oils and vinnegars  Wine and food  Pasta Avacado dish

Here is a foodie link we thought you might benefit from.  This site also promotes buying local whenever possible and shopping at Farmer's Markets in the season. We strongly support this idea because it allows us to know more about the food we consume, we are able to support local small businesses, and feel better in general.


Tank 2014  

Please click on the link below to find out more about our propane company, Co-op Energy Propane.

 Organic Fertilizers?

The link below will take you to Pacific Calcium / Nature's Intent, a organic fertilizer company with whom we do business. If you are concerned about using chemical fertilizers on your yard and garden, take a look at this site. It is filled with excellent information and offers choices to those who wish to grow their food in a completely organic manner

GMO ? 

Have you ever wondered how to shop for produce AND avoid GMO items? Here is a pretty good link that can help.

 Off Grid Appliances

Another link we would like to introduce you to is UNIQUE Propane Appliances. You may have already run across this on the propane page, but here it is again! If you see a product you like but we do not carry it, we can always try to special order.

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Do you want to know more about Equine Health & Nutrition? 

This link will take you to the CHS Equis Feed Page.
More than just a feed page, you will find helpful equine information on a variety of topics and see what's in the news. Check It out!