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Canning & Preserving - great ways to take the harvest we work so hard for and bring it to the dinner table through the winter months. The flavor and color is generally better than store bought products. And depending on how you process, your garden can deliver more nutrition to your family as well. Freezing typically retains more nutrients than pressure canning, but there is always the risk of loosing the freezer to electrical problems. Pressure canned foods are good for a couple of years. So.....the choice is really up to the individual.

The CO-OP stocks all things canning and the good news is, we stock canning supplies ALL YEAR ROUND! We do that because when produce comes on, we are sometimes so busy that berries have to go in  the freezer, and vegetables in the root cellar until we have time to deal with them .

Canning Supplies:

  • Canners
  • Pressure Canners 
  • Jars 
  • Lids 
  • Rings 
  • Funnels 
  • Apple Peelers 
  • Cherry Pitters 
  • Crocks ( 1, 2, 3, 5 & 10 Gallon) 
  • Crock Lids & Weights (except for the 10 gallon) 
  • Thermometers 

and much, much more! So make sure you come in, and see all of our products on isle 5.


Glass Gallon Jars have so MANY uses! Do you make salsa? How about Iced Tea or Sun Tea? Do you buy farm fresh milk for your family? And looking about a Christmas Cookie Gift Jar? So MANY uses! Get yours at the CO-OP!

wide mouth gallon jars large

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Call your local Extension Office! They have all the information you need to get started preserving your own bounty and whatever extra the neighbors want to give away!