Look what the store just got in! 5 gallon MacIntosh Manual Fruit Press with either stainless steel or oak basket. These presses also come with a nylon mesh fruit press bag, and a 4 oz. container of food grade grease. Come in or call today for more details!

Love coffee? Love the smell and taste of freshly ground? Well then you're in luck!

We just got in this great Kilner Traditional Coffee Grinder. Comes with:

  • 1- Kilner Coffee Grinder

  • 1- Kilner Lid w/ Silicone Strip

  • 1- .5L / 17 US FL OZ Kilner Jar.

Call or come in for more details!                       

Canning and preserving food from the harvest we bring in is a time honored craft. There are very few foods that do not lend themselves to preserving. 

Most of the time these days, when we think of putting food by, it is the jams, jellies, and canned fruits that come to mind. But preserving can be so much more that that.

Meats, stews, soups, eggs, butters/lards, fish, beans and much more can be canned. All it takes is a pressure canner, and follow the directions. Or you may chose to make soups and stews first, and then freeze them for later use. That works too! 

The CO-OP is very proud of how many canning and preserving products we stock year round. Our selection is so much more than just a pile of boxed jars in the middle of the store. 

We have pitters, choppers, slicers, screens, paraffin, dish towels, instruction/recipe books, canners, crock with lids & weights.....

So make sure you come on in and bring your questions!

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