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General Manager: Scott Knapton 
Store Manager: George Haley
Office Manager: Linda Fitchett

Purchasing: Patti Lipps
Receiving: Patti Lipps
Advertising : CO-OP, Co-op Energy, CO-Op Country Round UP,
                         Donations, and Events : 
Kathy Osborne  265.7703

Deliveries: Energy Logs & Wood Pellets: Patti Lipps  263.6820

Propane & Fuel / Keep Fills ea: Home & Industrial Deliveries     Rich Feillen  263.3338

Fuel Delivery: Michael Jacobson 255.6753

Convenience Store / Store Inventory: Sue Simonelli

Baby Chicks: Suzanne Paulson

Beekeeping : Michael Wright

Spray Paint, Barn and Fence Paint & Accessories
      Adhesives, Tape, Sand Paper:  Amber Hull

Automotive / RV & Boating,
Oils & Lubricants: Jim Williams

Bottled Gases :  George Haley

AG Farm Equip/Trailers & Carts/ Spray Tanks: Patti Lipps 

Plumbing/Water Heaters: Michael Wright

Electrical/Camping/Wiring: George Haley

Bulk Hoses V-Belts / Tractor Pins: Jim Williams

Cable / Chain/ Fittings:  Dillon Duke

V-Belts / Tractor Pins: Jim Williams

Wood Stoves, Stove Pipe & Accessories: Jim Williams

Barbecues and Accessories: George Haley

Gloves: Patti Lipps

Clothing: Michelle Berve

Housewares; Small Appliances; Propane Appliances;
               Canning, Cast Iron Products:  Patti Lipps

 Yard & Garden Hand Tools: George Haley

Lawn & Garden Herbicides, Pesticides
Lawn Seed Small Application:
 Dave Dawson

Field Chemicals & Fertilizers (Large
Application): Dave Dawson

Tarps: Keith Kensinger

Field Chemicals / Fertilizers (large application);
                   Grass Seed:
Dave Dawson

Pet Feed / Pet Care : Suzanne Paulson

Equine Health & Supplies: Angela Turnbaugh

Tack & Pharmaceutical: Angela Turnbaugh

Livestock Feed : Nancy Wright

Cattle / Swine Health Care : Angela Turnbaugh

Twine & Ladders: George Haley

Fuel Pump Islands: Rich Feillen 263.3338

Generators (Special Orders): Jim Williams

RV Products - Mark Wilson

Electric Fencing, Posts, T-Posts, Wire &
     Chargers: Jim Williams

Fasteners/Gutters/ Towing : Dillon Duke

Bird Feed/ Bird Houses/ Feeders ;
      Poultry Feeders & Poultry Care: Suzanne Paulson

Livestock Feeders, Stock Water Tanks Gates and Panels, 
      & Farm Supplies:
  George Haley

Power Tools, Hand Tools, Staplers, Dremel,
Small Tool Boxes & Husqvarna Products:
Jim Bottoms

Welding & Welding Supplies: George Haley