Socks & Underwear

Welcome to the Socks & Underwear page.

Winter is coming and if there is one thing we learn fast in north Idaho is “always dress in layers” when you are going to be outside. That means hunting, skiing, sledding, and working in the barn.

Heavy and Super Heavy Thermal Underwear by Polar King

We carry both tops and bottoms in Heavy and Super Heavy weights.


It is true, you can buy socks just about anywhere clothing is sold. So it really comes down to quality and price.

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The CO-OP carries high quality wool, wool blend, cotton, cotton blend, and synthetic blend socks for all your needs, both men and women. We stock the Healthtrack Sock. This is a therapeutic 100% cotton sock that resists binding and is perfect for those with circulatory problems.

Come in and check out our selection of Railroad Socks! Cotton and wool socks as well as cotton and wool blends.


 Yaktrax Pro - Snow & Ice Traction Device 


This product is all about keeping you upright when you have to walk on slippery surfaces like ice

We carry Yak Trax “WALK” and “PRO”  $19.99 – 29.99