July 14, 2015 It would appear that summer has arrived here in North Idaho. Of course it officially arrived on June 21st, but the last few weeks we have been experiencing 90 degree temperatures. Normally June can be counted on to be one of the rainiest months of the year. […]

Continued Dry and Warm

The garden is put to bed, the horses have donned their winter coats, the canning is finished and it is time to slow down here in the north Idaho/western Montana area. Well, for some folks. Winter on the farm is a little different. Those of us who have animals know […]

Winter on the Farm

July 2014 : Dealing with the Broody Hen   Chickens are a staple of the small farm. They “talk” to us. They are where we get the social concept of “the pecking order” (who gets to rule the roost).  They give us eggs, manure for the garden, and a reason […]

July 11, 2014