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Any store can stock beekeeping equipment. But at the CO-OP we actually know how to use it and we can help you get started. Talk to Michael anytime you have questions!
And be sure to check out the resources on the Beekeeping Education page!

Beekeeping Supplies We Offer : Please note we do not post prices as they are always subject to change.

Clothing: Hat, veil, gloves and suits
Mite Strips; Mite -A – Thol
Brood Hive Body
Brood Super Kit
Wood Frame; Pine Lid; Pine Bottom Board; Wood Hive Top Feeder
Plasticell Foundation
Coated EZ Frame

Smoker; Smoker w/ Guard

Entrance Feeder;
Bee Hybrid Patties; Pine Bottom Pollen Feeder; Frame Feeder
Wood Hive Top Feeder; Inner Cover; Bee 4 Jar Feeder
Queen Excluders – Metal and Plastic
Uncapping Knife
Beeswax Wire Frame
Honeycomb Cutter
Uncapping Scraper
Frame Grip w/ Manipulation Tool
Honey Extractor
5 Gallon Bottling Kit
Telescope CVR w/ Int. Covr.
Bee Hive Covers:  A Frame or Dome Shape

10 Frame Brood Super Kit
10 Frame Honey Super Kit  (These kits assembled will save you a LOT of money!)

Beekeeping Education: Books we offer
      Keeping Honey Bees
      Guide to Beekeeping
      First Lessons