Become a Member

The Co-Op is locally owned, operated and managed. There is NO COST to become a member, just a bit of paperwork. It is not necessary to be a member to shop here, but there are some great benefits if you do decide to apply. 


  • 1. In profitable years, member patrons receive a return (dividends) on their patronage and ownership.
    1. a. Payments must be made with cash or check to qualify 
    2. b. We must have a signed W-9 on file
  • 2. Convenience card to be used out at pumps for a per gallon discount
    1. a. Must apply for a local credit account 
  • 3. Producer members have the democratic right to participate in the governance of the company by voting for the members of the Board of Directors  
  • 4. You can have year end reports printed for taxes as long as you have made or put all purchases under your account number throughout the year

There are two different accounts that you can apply for as a customer or for a business:

Local Credit Account:

  • • Approval based on credit check 
  • • Convenience card for discount on fuel only at the pumps 
  • • Any / All charges to accounts must be paid off with cash or check to qualify for dividends
  • • W-9 on file to receive dividends

Cash Only Account:

  • • Doesn't require a credit check
    • - So on the application you do not need to fill out the SSN or Employment info 
  • • Must pay with cask or check at time of purchase to qualify for dividends 
  • • W-9 on file to receive dividends 
  • • No convenience card / No discount on fuel 

If you would like to have a propane account with us as well make sure on the application that you fill out that section. For more information about Co-Op Energy click the link in the header to visit their website!


Click the links below to download and fill out your application today! When finished you can send it via:


Mail: 125 Tibbetts Drive, Ponderay, ID 83852

Fax: 208.265.7707

or simply bring it in the store. We hope that you consider opening account with us here at the CO-OP Country Store today!

If any question please feel free to call and talk to our credit manager Dana. 208.265.7704